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February 14, 2023

Tehran (Hebrew: טהרן) is an Israeli spy thriller television series created by Moshe Zonder for the Israeli public channel Kan 11. The series premiered on September 25, 2020 internationally on Apple TV+. The second season was released on May 6, 2022. The series had been renewed by Apple TV+ for a third season on February 8, 2023, with Hugh Laurie joining the cast.

The series follows an Iranian-Jewish Mossad agent on her first mission in Iran’s capital, which is also the place of her birth.

Season 1

The main character, Tamar Rabinyan, a young Jewish woman born in Iran but raised in Israel, is a Mossad agent and computer hacker on an undercover mission in the Iranian capital to disable a nuclear reactor.  Her goal was to disable Iran’s air defenses so that the Israeli Air Force could bomb a nuclear plant and prevent Iran from obtaining an atomic bomb. When she arrived in Iran, she exchanged identities with Zhila Gorbanifar, a Muslim employee of the local electricity company. She entered the power company station as Zhila and connected to the computer network. She then attempted to cut the power supply to the Iranian radar system in order to facilitate an ongoing attack by the Israeli Air Force. Her mission failed when her boss, thinking she was Shira, tried to rape her and was killed in the ensuing battle. After escaping, Tamar had to go into hiding.

Season 2

Prior to being smuggled out of Iran to start a new life in Canada, Tamar accepts a mission to rescue one of the Israeli pilots captured after the reactor mission. At the hospital where the pilot is being held, she encounters Marjan Montazami, a psychotherapist and local agent for Mossad, who aids in her escape. Tamar’s aunt is executed for assisting her, and a devastated Tamar agrees to stay in Tehran with Milad to undertake a new mission: the assassination of Qasem Mohammadi who has been promoted to head of the Revolutionary Guard. Tamar works to gain access to Mohammadi by getting close to his son, Peyman. Faraz Kamali continues his relentless pursuit of Tamar, but finds himself compromised as Marjan begins working as a psychotherapist for his wife following her abduction and release by Mossad. In spite of Faraz’s reluctant assistance, Tamar’s attempt to poison Mohammadi fails, as does an attempt to kill him with a booby-trapped phone. Mossad head Yulia Magen calls off the mission, but Tamar and Milad try to take control of Mohammadi’s sports car as he races against his son, which only results in Peyman’s death. Marjan is poisoned by Nahid, Faraz’s wife. Tamar manages to kill Mohammadi with the explosive mobile phone. Milad is killed by a car bomb planted by the Mossad in the escape car, leaving Tamar alone and trapped in Iran with no-one to trust.

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