Is Luca on Netflix? Where to Watch Luca?

December 21, 2022

Luca is a 2021 American computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film is set in Italy and follows the story of a young boy named Luca who befriends a sea monster. Casarosa co-wrote the screenplay with Mike Jones. Luca takes inspiration from Casarosa’s childhood in Genoa; several Pixar artists were sent to the Italian Riviera gathering research from Italian culture and environment. Casarosa has described Luca as a “deeply personal story”. He also declared that the film’s core is a celebration of friendship.

Luca premiered at the Aquarium of Genoa on June 13, 2021, and was originally set to be released theatrically in the United States on June 18, 2021. However, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the film was released direct-to-streaming on Disney+. It was also given a simultaneous one-week theatrical run at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre, from 18 to 24 June 2021. It was released in theaters in countries without the streaming service.

Where Can You Watch Luca Online?

Is Luca on Netflix?

No, Luca is not currently available on Netflix. If you have a subscription to Disney+, then Luca will be available to watch there as well. You can also rent or buy it through Amazon Video or Videos.

Where Can I Watch the Trailer for Luca?

You can watch the trailer for Luca on YouTube and Apple Videos app.

What Language Is Luca in?

Luca is available in multiple languages like English, Español, Français, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, etc.

How to download Luca to MP4?

You can stream Luca anytime as long as you have an active Disney+ subscription, or download it for offline playback. However, the beginning of the month will often see Disney remove certain titles from Disney+ due to existing contracts. Like all streaming services, Disney+ does remove content. However, unlike other streaming services like Netflix, Disney doesn’t inform subscribers in advance if a title is being removed. Just one day, a title will be gone. There are several reasons why content is removed from Disney+. The main culprit has been contracts made before Disney+ launched, which means titles are added to another streaming service temporarily until the contract expires, with the title returning back to Disney+. If you want to keep Luca forever, the best way is to download it to MP4.

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