Hulu+ with Live TV Free Trial 2023

May 26, 2023

With online streaming services, you are good to watch a variety of movies and shows, some of which are even exclusive. But cable or satellite TV still have their positions, especially for live sports, breaking news, awards shows, or just the hit show and TV series of this week. That’s where the live TV streaming services come in. 

Hulu + Live TV is Hulu’s live television service. You can get over 85 live and on-demand channels including ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC, MTV, Bravo, Discovery, and more. But as the Hulu website indicates, the price of Hulu Live TV Only is $68.99/month – pricier than standard streaming services – you may wonder: is there a Hulu + with Live TV free trial before making the payment? Read on to find out current deals offered for Hulu with Live TV.

Does Hulu + Live TV provide a free trial?

Does Hulu offer a free trial with Live TV? Unfortunately, no, Hulu + Live TV does not provide a free trial, just as Disney+ doesn’t offer a free testing period.

However, there is a First Month Free trial for Hulu (No Ads), but it is for the Hulu library streaming service without Live TV.

At the moment, Hulu also offers a limited-time deal with Hulu ad-supported plan at $2/month for three months during National Streaming Day.

Can you get Hulu + Live TV for free?

Sorry to say that, but you cannot get Hulu with Live TV for free through Hulu right now. Sometimes, third-party such as the Internet or cellular service providers offer free subscriptions for streaming services, but the Live TV package is usually not included.

For example, Verizon offers the Disney Bundle (a $14.99/month value) for no extra charge to their 5G Get More and 5G Play More customers until midnight on Nov 17, 2023. The bundle includes Hulu (With Ads), Disney+ Premium (No Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads). If you are a Verizon user, you can try this free Disney Bundle subscription.

Does Hulu + Live TV offer any deals?

Although there is no Hulu + Live TV free trial, Hulu does offer great plan subscriptions with its Live TV for you to save some money.

Compared to the standalone Live TV Only plan($68.99/month), the Hulu + Live TV plans offer considerable deals in terms of value. While Live TV Only solely provides access to live content, without including the Hulu streaming library or access to Disney+ or ESPN+, the Hulu + Live TV plans offer a comprehensive package without a significant increase in cost. By subscribing to one of the Hulu + Live TV plans, you can enjoy the entirety of the Hulu streaming library, watch 85+ live TV channels, and gain access to Disney+ and ESPN+. Here is the table with Hulu + Live TV plans and prices.

PlanPrice Per MonthFree Trial
Live TV Only$68.99No
Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (With Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads)$69.99No
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads)$82.99No
Hulu + Live TV plans and pricing

What are Hulu+ Live TV’s add-ons?

Besides different plans, Hulu offers Add-ons to help users get more out of their Hulu subscription. Add-ons help subscribers to accommodate various needs. After signing up, you can manage add-ons on the Account page at any time. Check out the full list of Hulu+ Live TV add-ons below as well as add-on prices and features.

Add-onFeaturePrice per month
Unlimited ScreensStream on any number of supported devices at the same time$9.99
Max‧ Stream HBO originals and recent movie releases through Hulu
‧ Access to Max originals, exclusives, and more on the Max app. 
SHOWTIME®Award-winning TV, exclusive movies, and championship boxing$10.99
CINEMAX® Hit movies, original series, and behind-the-scenes clips$9.99
STARZ®Live movie channels like STARZ Encore, STARZ Westerns, STARZ Comedy, and more$8.99
Entertainment Add-on Channels for cooking, crafting, news, reality TV shows and more$7.99
Español Add-on Spanish-language live streams and on-demand content$4.99
Sports Add-on More sports channels and on-demand content $9.99
Hulu + Live TV Add-ons

Is there a Hulu free trial?

Yes, Hulu offers a free 30-day trial on the Hulu (No Ads) plan. It is the best Hulu free trial, with no interruption by commercial breaks but downloading movies and TV shows for offline playback.

Ad-supported Hulu used to offer the same free trial, but at this moment during National Streaming Day, Hulu with ads is on sale at $2 per month for three months. The deal will end on May 27, 2023, and subscribers can save 74% per month for 3 months on Hulu (With Ads).

Hulu plans and pricing

PlanPrice Per MonthFree Trial
Hulu(ad-supported)$2 (for 3 months), then $7.99
Ends on 5/27/23
Hulu(No Ads)$14.99Yes
Disney+ and Hulu (Both With Ads)$9.99No
Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ (All With Ads)$12.99No
Disney+(No Ads), Hulu(No Ads), and ESPN+(With Ads)$19.99No

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How to keep downloaded movies and TV shows after free trial?

If you cancel your subscription before or after the free trial ends, you can no longer watch the downloaded movies and TV shows.

Luckily, with the professional Pazu Hulu Video Downloader, you can download any Hulu movies and TV shows on Windows and Mac. What’s more, the videos are downloaded in MP4 format, which means you can watch them even after you canceling Hulu subscription. Follow the below steps and learn how to download Hulu movies and TV shows to MP4 and watch them on Nintendo Switch.

Step 1. Run Pazu Hulu Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows.

Download, install and launch Pazu Hulu Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows. Log in your Hulu account and choose, or

Select a profile.

Step 2. Search Hulu movies/TV shows to download.

Enter the movie/TV show title in the search field.

Or copy&paste the link of the movie/TV show from  Hulu website. Then click the Search icon.

Step 3. Choose video format/quality

Click the Settings icon to change:

  • Video format: MP4 or MKV
  • Video codec: H264 or H265
  • Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • Subtitle type: Embedded subtitles, Independent subtitles, Hardcoded subtitles
  • Interface languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese

Step 4. Start to download Hulu videos

Click the Download icon next to Modern Family to choose the season and episodes you want to download.

Then click the Download button on the bottom right corner to start downloading Modern Family to your computer.

Click the History menu to view all downloaded videos. Click the folder icon to quickly locate the Hulu videos in MP4 or MKV format, then you can play them anywhere you want without Hulu or upload to Plex, etc.