Where to watch all the Predator movies in order?

August 30, 2023

The Predator film franchise might never have scaled the heights of the original 1987 movie – a suspenseful action classic, directed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Releaed by 20th Century Fox on June 12, 1987 in the United States, it grossed $98 million worldwide. The film has since been considered a classic of the action and science fiction genres and one of the best films of the 1980s, and was nominated for an Academy Award for best Visual Effects.

How many Predator movies are there?

A total of 7. The success of 1987 film Predator launched a media franchise of films. It consists three sequels and one prequel: Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010), The Predator (2018), and Prey (2022). A crossover with the Alien franchise produced the Alien vs. Predator films, which include Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

1. Predator(1987)

Where to watch: Max

Directed by John McTiernan
Box office $98.3 million

The first installment in the Predator franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the leader of an elite paramilitary rescue team whose mission is to save hostages in guerrilla-held territory in a Guatemala Central American rainforest, who encounter the deadly Predator (Kevin Peter Hall), a skilled, technologically advanced alien who stalks and hunts them down. It was nominated for an Academy Award for best Visual Effects.

2. Predator 2(1990)

Where to watch: Max

Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Box office $57.1 million

The second installment of the Predator franchise. Set ten years after the events of the first film, in Los Angeles, the film focuses on a disgruntled police officer and his allies battling a malevolent and technologically advanced extraterrestrial Predator.

3. Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Where to watch: STARZ

Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson
Box office $177.4 million

It is the first film installment of the Alien vs. Predator franchise, the fifth film in the Alien franchise and third film of the Predator franchise, adapting a crossover bringing together the eponymous creatures of the Alien and Predator series, a concept which originated in a 1989 comic book written by Randy Stradley and Chris Warner. In the film, scientists are caught in the crossfire of an ancient battle between Aliens and Predators as they attempt to escape a bygone pyramid.

4. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

Where to watch: STARZ

Directed by The Brothers Strause
Box office $130.2 million

The second and latest installment in the Alien vs. Predator franchise, the sixth film in the Alien franchise and the fourth film in the Predator franchise, continuing the crossover between the Alien and Predator franchises. Set immediately after the events of the previous film, the film begins with a Predator ship crashing into a forest outside of Gunnison, Colorado, where an Alien-Predator hybrid known as the Predalien escapes and makes its way to the nearby small town.

5. Predators(2010)

Where to watch: Hulu

Directed by Nimród Antal
Box office $127.2 million

The third film installment of the Predator franchise. The film follows a group of proficient killers who have been abducted and placed on a planet that acts as a game reserve for two warring tribes of extraterrestrial killers, leading them to try and survive and look for a way back to Earth.

6. The Predator(2018)

Where to watch: Prime Video

Directed by Shane Black
Box office $160.5 million

The fourth installment in the series and sixth film in the overall Predator franchise. It follows a group of PTSD-afflicted soldiers and a scientist who must team up to fight off an invading pair of Predators and discover their plans for mankind.

7. Prey(2022)

Where to watch: Hulu

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

Prey is the fifth film in the mainline series and seventh in the overall Predator franchise. Being set in the Northern Great Plains in 1719, it is a prequel to the first four films. A young Comanche woman, Naru, who is striving to prove herself as a hunter, finds herself having to protect her people from a vicious, humanoid alien that hunts humans for sport, as well as from French fur traders who are destroying the buffalo they rely on for survival. Many critics calling it the best Predator installment since the first film.

Where to watch the Predator movies?

Predator franchise is owned and made by 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox). Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019. Disney also owns a majority stake in Hulu, which is where it likes to put its more adult-oriented content that doesn’t fall under the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel brands in the U.S. Internationally, it all just goes on Disney Plus.

The latest film in the series, Prey, go straight to streaming on Hulu as a Hulu original film in the United States and on Disney+ (International), Star+(Latin America) on August 5, 2022. According to an interview director Dan Trachtenberg gave to Uproxx, Disney wants to use Prey as the first big-ticket franchise 20th Century production to drive subscriptions to Hulu. Prey is certainly a flashier proposition than recent Hulu hits like Nomadland or Palm Springs.

Prey(2022) and Predators(2010) are available on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ Star internationally.

Before it was acquired by Disney, 20th Century Fox had a deal with HBO Max to stream all its theatrical releases there. This deal still applies for any films that originated before the Disney merger. 

Predator(1987) and Predator 2(1990) are available on Max. If you have Hulu subscription, you can get Max as add-on with one week free trial.

Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) are available on STARZ. If you have Hulu subscription, you can get STARZ as add-on.

How to stream Predator movies on Hulu for free?

Hulu is generous and offers one month free trial for its ad-supported plan($7.99/month) and No Ads plan($14.99/month).

Step 1: Head over to the Hulu website.

Step 2: Click Sign up for Hulu only. Sure, you can click the Disney Bundle for the best value but there’s no free trial for that, so you may prefer to consider upgrading to that after your free month.

Step 3: Choose which plan you want to sign up for. Only Hulu(No Ads) and Hulu offers one-month free trial. We strongly recommend the Hulu(No Ads) $14.99/month plan, as the ad-free plan also allows you to download movies and TV shows to watch offline on mobile devices.

Step 4: Add your email, password and other info to create your Hulu account.

Step 5: Add your billing info.

Now you have gotten the Hulu free trial. Start streaming Predator movies for free from Hulu website or app.

Currently, Hulu is only available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and some locations in Japan. If you live elsewhere, you need to watch Hulu with VPN.

If you only want to experience the Hulu free trial and don’t want to get charged after the free trial. Remember to set a reminder and cancel Hulu subscription before the free trial ends. Don’t cancel it immediately, as if you cancel during your trial period, please keep in mind that you will lose access to Hulu immediately.

  • Head to your Account page on a computer or mobile browser.
  • Select Cancel under Your Subscription.
  • Select Continue to Cancel.
  • Select Cancel Subscription.

We strongly recommend you choose Hulu (No Ads) plan for the free one-month trial. Not only there is no ads, but also the ad-free plan allows you to download movies and TV shows for offline playback, while the ad-supported plan doesn’t support offline playback. Take your TV with you when you travel and watch without WiFi or data on supported mobile devices(Android, iOS and Fire tablet). 

Are there any download limits?

  1. You can have up to 25 downloads on five supported mobile devices at one time. 
  2. You’ll have access to your unwatched downloads for 30 days.
  3. Once you start playback, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching before the download expires.
  4. Downloads are only available to watch on the device that was used to download them.
  5. Logging out of Hulu automatically deletes all downloaded videos from that device.
  6. If you cancel your subscription, you won’t have access to the downloads, even you resubscribe later. 

How to download Predator movies to watch offline with Hulu ad-supported plan?

If you subscribe to Hulu ad-supported plan, unfortunately you can’t download movies and TV shows for offline playback.

If you want to watch Predator movies offline while traveling or commuting, but only have ad-supported plan. Luckily, with the professional Pazu Hulu Video Downloader, you can download any Hulu movies and TV shows on Windows and Mac. What’s more, the videos are downloaded to MP4 format, which means you can watch them even after you cancelling Hulu subscription. Follow below steps and learn how to download Hulu movies and TV shows to MP4 and watch them offline on any mp4-supported device.

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Type the movie or TV show title in the search field.

Or copy&paste the link of the movie/TV show from  Hulu website. Then click the Search icon.

Step 3. Choose video format/quality

Click Settings icon to change:

  • Video format: MP4 or MKV
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  • Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
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Step 4. Start to download to MP4

Choose episodes you want to download and Click the Download button.

The selected episodes will be downloaded from Hulu to your computer in MP4.

After conversion, click History menu to view all downloaded videos and play them offline on any device.