How to watch American Underdog on HBO Max?

March 27, 2023

The biopic “American Underdog” centers on the quarterback Kurt Warner, a football player from Iowa who had an unconventional rise to becoming a National Football League champion. Unlike many football stars, Warner (Zachary Levi) wasn’t drafted into the N.F.L. after graduating from college. For years following his graduation from the University of Northern Iowa in 1993, Warner worked at a grocery store, building highlight reels to send to sports agents on his time off. The film begins in this fallow period, dramatizing how Warner met Brenda (Anna Paquin), the woman who would become his wife. The couple shared common faiths in Christianity and each other. With Brenda by his side, Warner was eventually given a place on an arena football team. The opportunity enabled Warner to prove himself at a professional level. As Warner’s moving story promises a soul-stirring cinematic experience, the film is a must-watch from the directors of ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ If you wish to watch the movie, here is everything you must know!

Is American Underdog Based on a True Story?

Yes, ‘American Underdog’ is based on a true story. The film follows the real-life journey of former football quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from being an underrated player to winning the Super Bowl. 

According to the former NFL player himself, much of what the film depicts is how things played out in real life as well. After being released from the Green Bay Packers before the regular NFL season, Kurt started working as a graduate assistant coach. During this time, to make ends meet, he stocked shelves at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls. Finally, with no calls from the NFL, he began playing in the Arena Football League.

In 1998, he signed with the St. Louis Rams and started as the practice-squad quarterback. However, things then changed when, against overwhelming odds, Kurt led the Rams to the Super Bowl victory in 2000 while also being named the Most Valuable Player. He then earned his second league MVP award the following year before taking the Rams to the 2001 Super Bowl.

Apart from his football career, the film also dives into the former NFL player’s romantic life and once again stays close to the truth. The way he met his future wife, Brenda, quite by chance at a barn dance is accurate, as is her depiction as a single mother of two at the time. Interestingly, even the specific bar where they met was seemingly recreated for the movie. The kiss and embrace they shared after big NFL victories have been widely publicized and are accurately recreated in the film.

Thus, ‘American Underdog’ is very closely based on a true story and attempts to do justice to one of the most remarkable success stories of the NFL. Kurt Warner, on whose life the film is based, and his wife, Brenda, have been closely involved in the making of the film, resulting in a screen adaptation full of true-to-life details. 

American Underdog: Cast and Characters

Since the film is an adaptation of Kurt Warner’s life story, almost all characters are based on real-life personalities. American Underdog features the following ensemble cast and characters:

  • Zachary Levi portrays Kurt Warner
  • Beau Hart portrays Young Kurt Warner
  • Anna Paquin portrays Brenda Warner
  • Dennis Quaid portrays Dick Vermeil
  • Chance Kelly portrays Mike Martz
  • Cindy Hogan portrays Sue Warner
  • Ser’Darius Blain portrays Mike Hudnutt
  • Adam Baldwin portrays Terry Allen
  • Bruce McGill portrays Jim Foster
  • Danny Vinson portrays Larry
  • Hayden Zaller portrays Zack Warner
  • Cora Kate Wilkerson portrays Jesse Jo Warner
  • OJ Keith Simpson portrays Marshall Faulk
  • Nic Harris portrays Ray Lewis

Is American Underdog on HBO Max?

Disappointingly, ‘American Underdog’ is not available on HBO Max. However, you can check out similar movies such as ‘Varsity Blues‘ or ‘We Are Marshall.’ Or you can buy or rent it on many great platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu. The pricing is mostly the same; you can buy/rent it for $5.99 or $19.99.

Is American Underdog on Hulu?

Yes, the film American Underdog is available to stream on Hulu as long as you have a subscription. Hulu ad-supported plan costs $7.99 / month and Hulu ad-free costs $14.99 / month, all with one month free trial. So if you haven’t used Hulu before, don’t miss the free trial.

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